Independence is the key to prosperity

With the world up in arms over several disputes, trade, human rights, or immigration, politicians and people alike are finally getting the message. Life is not fair. The world economy is not fair. Living standards and human rights are all over the place. Many of the recent disputes are adding fuel to these issues. How do we cope. Very simply.

Do our own thing. We in Canada can self-sustain our population very easily. We have energy, agriculture, resources,  space and the talent required to be self-sufficient. Tensions would be reduced if we adopted policies that encouraged national interests over political/environmental ones. When you know that you can be self-reliant you don’t sweat the small stuff. America knows this. Time for Canada to wake up and do our own thing.

Put up or Shut up…Chrystia/Justin

Build more pipelines, Factories and Refineries here.

Make Canada Greater Again!





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