10 Questions to ask any Advisor

These cheeky questions should help you decide whether to listen to their opinions or not.

  1. Have they ever run a business or been responsible for a large operation.
  2. Where do they invest their personal funds.
  3. Are they personally wealthy.
  4. How are they making their money.
  5. What is their track record over 3-5-10years.
  6. How long have they held their personal investments.
  7. Have they ever lost money for a client, if so, how often
  8. How many clients do they have
  9. How do they attract new clients
  10. What’s their goal for retirement and when.

These questions should help you determine if your advisor is worth listening to and investing with. Experience, transparency, and personal service, should all be considered before trusting any advisor with your hard-earned money.

Rick Barbosa.






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Our Senior Partner Rick Barbosa is a Professional Accountant and Personal Financial Advisor with over 25 years experience dealing with Large Fortune 500 Organizations and Small to Medium sized Family owned Businesses. If you're looking for help with your finances, taxes, investing or starting and managing a business you've come to the right person.

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