If you’ve watched a business program or even the news and were put-off by the myriad of terms and products, don’t feel alone. The reason there are so many products out there is because everyone is trying to do the work for you. They don’t do this out of the kindness of their hearts but the thickness of their wallets. The successful money managers of the world either do the homework themselves and invest their own capital (Warren Buffet) or they build an empire by selling you funds, ETF’s and hybrids of products that generate fees for their companies and rarely profits for their customers.

At BBT Financial we take you through the basics of investing and show you which avenues are available. We show you how to take control of your own destiny and reap the rewards of your work and get back 100% of the returns instead of 97 or 98%. IT IS NOT COMPLICATED or HARD!!!

Once you learn the basic forms of investment products (see below), you are then taught which vehicles (RRSP, TFSA’s or Investment accounts) to work with to get to the end result.

  • Fixed Income (Interest generating) products-Bonds, GIC’s
  • Investment Income (Equity ownership) products-stocks

You will notice that we do not promote other riskier or widely used investments such as Foreign Exchange or Mutual Funds. This is because we believe that F/X is too difficult to administer and make money at, while mutual funds, although popular eat up returns in the form of fees.
Keep it simple, Keep it easy, and keep all your returns.


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