Personal Finance

Although more and more schools are getting the message by educating our children about money management, there has been a lost generation of adults who have yet to learn how to manage their finances. We have personally encountered very educated professionals who are still living pay cheque to pay cheque. At BBT Financial we strive to educate our clients in the core concepts of personal finance by equating your domestic household to a business.

Our program includes:
  • Assessing your situation
    • by defining your Assets and Liabilities we come up with your Net Worth
  • We then look at your Cash Flow. How much is coming in vs. going out
  • We teach you how to track your income and expenses practically (spreadsheet vs. glass jars)
  • We then show you how to be in the black (profit) each month rather than having a loss (negative=red)
  • Finally, once you’ve mastered the concepts we ask you to set a Goal and start working towards it
  • We are there to help along the way and monitor your progress in getting your Net Worth going in the right direction.

Contact us today to get started!

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