About Us

The initials “BBT” came from the original  Brampton Bookkeeping and Tax business that started back in 1999 while the founder Rick Barbosa was still going through school. He primarily did it out of necessity to formally report the extra revenue he was earning doing taxes. When people used to question him about reporting his extra income he always answered, “I practice what I preach”. That early commitment to doing what’s right and legal has always set us apart from the crowd. That’s not to say we won’t help you get the best refund possible, but it sets the tone for our practice. We slowly started offering other services as we became more knowledgeable and experienced.

Investing, personal finance and IT services are all interrelated in Today’s world. We break these sometimes complex areas down to where you the client understand it and help you master these life skills. Our Blog gives periodic insights and commentary on today’s financial topics. It also strives to engrain the basics of finance into our readers minds as these haven’t changed since the dawn of money and commerce. Our 4 Core Belief’s

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Add Value
  • Quality over Quantity

Our Mission Statement

We strive to make a difference in people’s lives through financial prosperity.