Update-It’s not going to get better

Society has changed, and not for the better I’m afraid. The B.C (Before Covid) world will not return as we know it and it’s a scary thought. Why do I say this? Although I am not a Covid denier, I am a sceptic of the biggest loss of freedoms and our civil liberties in millennia. To quote many, the cure has outweighed the disease which has a proven survival rate of 99% in under 65’s. We are seeing and will see more intrusions into our privacy and rights that will be balanced against so-called public health. I as one do not condone nor accept that the state or anyone can tell me what should enter my body. Too conveniently we dismiss history and several pro-choice and pro-freedom conventions that enshrined our natural rights as humans. Fear has been weaponized by Governments and Media to mold our behaviors without a hiccup from most of us. This has lead to crimes of non-compliance being prosecuted more harshly than actual crimes that involve violence and damage to property. I’m afraid only a few of us really understand where this is headed.

How does this relate to Finance? Simple. To be warned is to be prepared. I have held onto most of my investments and they have returned to levels higher than pre-Covid. My clients also benefitted from staying the course and buying when everyone else was selling. if you have not made plans to have liquid assets in your portfolio, I would do so now. Retirement plans like mine, should be brought forward. Be prepared to be independent, should you not wish the state complete control over your ability to travel, shop or earn income. I have done my due diligence and research before writing this entry. Its time to prepare, circle the wagons and weather the storm to come. The Vaccine is the beginning and not the end.

Do your homework, prepare and take care of your loved ones.