Sell your Stocks and Hoard Cash-Vaccine Passports Destroying Society Right Before Our Eyes

Please feel free to read my last two posts to measure my accuracy and research. In Europe, the Middle East and now in North America these control mechanisms are being rolled out as mandatory for employment and enjoyment of life, all to keep you safe. If you believe that and that the experts know what they are doing, this is the wrong site for you. My job is to ensure my clients and those that want to listen are prepared for what’s to come. These mandates will lead to the following, much of which is starting to unfold now:

  • Less services, including education, health and public safety
  • More disease with increasing side effects and less healthy lifestyle options
  • Increased inflation and food and material shortages with less and less people working
  • More unemployment and fewer options for employment (10-15% of effected staff fired, leaving)
  • More violence as desperation sets in
  • Increased division in society and resentment toward others

If you have heeded my warnings and advice you are doing better than most. Now with mandates on there way we need to sell 50% of our equities and keep as much cash on hand as possible.

There is no use arguing with those who are not informed as that time as come and gone. Now we need to think of ourselves and family and batten down the hatches.

Take care of yourselves.



Why kicking the can down the road is never a solution.


If you’ve ever owned a dog, or even raised a child, you know the best way to teach someone is through consequences. If someone is allowed to keep doing something harmful but never has to answer for their actions, what incentive is there to change behavior? None. So why are we still hearing about a sluggish economy or Greece, Portugal, Spain etc… It’s because know one has made them answer for their actions. We keep trying to avoid the inevitable by only making the inevitable worse. We need to take cues from nature. The strong must be allowed to survive. Keeping the week dangling only hurts the herd as a whole. The “Herd” in this case is our economy. We need to recognize that it’s the well managed companies who have always had to fend for themselves that lead us out of recessions. Instead of allowing them to reap the rewards for doing the right things, in comes the government and big labour to save the day. They artificially prop up losers for their own personal benefit, not societies. By allowing companies, governments and people to fail we are doing them a better service. By making them face the consequences of bad decisions we ensure they will never make them again.

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

Rick Barbosa