Never take the easy way out

As they say, looks can be deceiving, and they usually are. True happiness, success and wealth however you measure them are never just given to you. Yet the majority of people still seek instant gratification, success and happiness. These are the type of people who are easily fooled and either don’t have the intelligence, are lazy, or simply accept what they are told and don’t ask the simplest of questions.

Who does this benefit

What are the long term implications of my decisions

Will I be better or worse off in the long run.

In this current situation, the world is divided and increasingly sliding into mass stupidity. Those of us who have come up against so-called Experts, Leaders, CEO’s and have peaked behind the curtain as to how these people came into power or authority, know the truth. The freedoms that we once knew, were fought for and we took for granted are gone. The sirens of tyranny and dictatorships along with population control are on their way. Historically and Biblically ignorant masses await for their next orders to enjoy so-called freedoms. 

In Life and Business it is always best to associate with those people and companies that add-value and enrich your life. Colluding and catering to difficult individuals and businesses drains not only your soul, but eventually your pocket book. How much longer can governments accumulate debt without seizing it’s populations assets for their own? Debt has and is being used as a weapon. Pay down as much debt as possible, have free cash flow and be prepared to liquidate large assets to become mobile and self-sustaining.

These are not alarmist words, but advice to those that can and should act to protect themselves, their families and businesses. This is not easy, but nothing ever worthwhile is.

Accept Nothing

Believe No One

Challenge Everything

Simple as ABC.