The Road to Prosperity : Step 5 Celebrate Success

You’ve done the hard work of taking responsibility for your own success, tracked everything, learned to pay yourself and finally started living below your means.  At this point you should have had some traction at paying off debt or accumulating some savings or both. It is equally as important to mark these wins as to achieve them. Celebrating milestones keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward to. Enjoy a night out, nice meal or a weekend away with the family. You’ve earned it. Keep at it and you will start to celebrate more often and enjoy life rather than just living it.

Thanks for staying with me on the Road to Prosperity.

Rick Barbosa


Welcome to my Blog…Finally

It’s been a long but educational process in finally putting together this web page. I originally started by hiring another firm to design my static page and then started to use AdWords to draw attention to my site. I had mixed results, but fate pointed me in the right direction. I was working with a client who had introduced me to WordPress. I was amazed by how simple it was to set up a page, add features and monitor traffic. After learning some basic HTML and Photoshop skills I finally set out to create my own page and blog.

When you do things yourself and learn to rely on yourself the rewards are twofold. First you get the benefit of increased knowledge and confidence, second you get the sense of control and accomplishment. My Blog will attempt to help the average person understand and control their finances, with the two goals of avoiding debt and building wealth. Money whether we like it or not is the great facilitator in life. It is the means by which pretty much all things get done. Understanding how to manage your finances ranks just below Health and Family. Money does not bring happiness but does facilitate it.

I hope that by bringing a fresh and non-biased or solicited approach to discussing money that in some small way I can help those who need it the most.


Take care

Rick Barbosa