Rick’s Picks

I don’t choose stocks, I choose good companies with good management and long-term prospects. I never speculate, only invest. I don’t follow the market. I follow my instincts and always put my money where my picks are. In today’s zero growth markets it’s important to remember the fundamentals.


The recent Home Capital transparency issue, and now the downgrade from Moody’s on Canadian Banks has supressed valuations recently. We personally have GIC’s with Home Trust that are coming due.  Although we don’t envision investing in the Company, (once trust is an issue) we do anticipate adding to our CIBC and Genworth positions. Canadian Banks and non-sub prime lenders do a great job of valuing risk, even in this environment. Canadian banks do not write risky loans, you’d know if you’ve ever tried to borrow from them. Hence we see this as a buying opportunity.

As of 05/10/2017

Symbol Name  Price  Dividend Advice
BB Blackberry 12.84               – Buy
BCE Bell 61.33 4.68% Hold/Buy @5%
BNS Bank of Nova Scotia 75.79 4.01% Buy Above 4%
EMA Emera 47.02 4.44% Hold/Buy @5%
ENF Enbridge Inc. Fund 33.08 6.21% Buy
FTS Fortis 44.51 3.59% Hold/Buy @4%
IPL Inter Pipeline 27.28 5.94% Buy
MRT.UN Morguard 15.08 6.37% Hold
POT Potash 22.39 2.37% Hold
RUS Russel Metals 25.83 5.88% Hold
RY Royal Bank 98.19 3.54% Hold/Buy @4%
CWB Canadian Western 25.88 3.55% Hold/Buy @4%
LB Laurentian Bank 54.01 4.52% Hold/Buy @5%
CM CIBC 107.29 4.73% Buy
MIC Genworth 33.48 5.26% Buy @5%

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