Galway’s newest and easiest Online Market Place for Everyone

BBT Financial is happy to announce its new investment in Galway, Ireland. We have funded the community marketplace Eyre Hub to help Small Businesses, Hobbyists, Landlords, Tradespeople, and anyone that is looking to make a little extra money. It’s simple structure and flexibility allows anyone to set up items, equipment, property or services and start making money. It allows for complete security with funds only being transferred when the buyer marks each transaction as “complete”. Their fee’s are transparent and reasonable (min. 2euro fee or 2%) and communication between all users (buyers/sellers) is built in. There are some test items on the site as it just launched…

We hope you avail of this opportunity and help Bring Galway Together

BBT Financial is always looking to partner and invest with local promising entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Contact us if you have that something special.

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Our Senior Partner Rick Barbosa is a Professional Accountant and Personal Financial Advisor with over 25 years experience dealing with Large Fortune 500 Organizations and Small to Medium sized Family owned Businesses. If you're looking for help with your finances, taxes, investing or starting and managing a business you've come to the right person.

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