I was blocked by Facebook

So it seems I’m as bad as the Russians and Chinese after trying to post a simple ad to announce my increasing presence in Galway Ireland. After sending a request for review I received canned messages with a promise to review my account. No timeline, No details, No care.

Censorship is the first step on the path to totalitarianism.


So I guess Facebook and more recently You Tube are taking it upon themselves to be our Moral Compasses? Please educate yourselves, take local action and always question those so-called authorities and experts.

Update: May 04, 2020  Facebook has magically re-instated my account with no explanation as to why it was disabled in the first place. In these instances, transparency would be nice to avoid future occurrences.

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Our Senior Partner Rick Barbosa is a Professional Accountant and Personal Financial Advisor with over 25 years experience dealing with Large Fortune 500 Organizations and Small to Medium sized Family owned Businesses. If you're looking for help with your finances, taxes, investing or starting and managing a business you've come to the right person.

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